Honest Farm

Honest Farm by Chef James

Honest Farm is a Grass Fed Meat Brand created by Chef James. The idea begins when James knew that regular meat (Grain Fed) was bad for his health, making him sick. He didn’t want to leave one of his passions, grilling, so he decide to do a research about all of the types of meat and found in Grass Fed the solution.

This cattle is fed with grass, clovers and wild flowers throughout their lives. A huge difference between the Grass Fed cows than the normal is they won’t have antibiotics and hormones to accelerate their growth. They roame freely, so the final product would be meat of high quality.

The grass fed meat of Honest Farm is from Uruguay, and this product is:

  • Hormones free.
  • Antibiotics free.
  • Lower in cholesterol
  • Lower in calories, one portion of 125 grs only have 140 calories.
  • Higher in Omega 3.
  • More tasty than conventional meat.
  • A great source of antioxidants that help fight heart diseases.

Honest Farm is partner with the organization “1% For The Planet”, everytime you buy something you’re contributing to the reconstruction of our planet.

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